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OS X Network Install using Linux (updates)

Do you still remember this? It was a good post about the OS X install via the network using a GNU/Linux install server. I went back to read and use it after a few days to install the version 10.5 (leopard) of OS X and it worked well but there's a couple of things missing in that post which I'd like to share here.

The problems were mainly in mounting the leopard disc …

OS X Network Install using Linux

The title says it all. We're going to install an OS X client via network using a GNU/Linux box as DHCP/TFTP/NFS server.

First you'll want to setup your DHCP, TFTP and NFS server.

The default location for the TFTP server root on my system was /tftpboot. It may be different on other distro so change at will. This directory is where we're going to put all the important files. Three files come …

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