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ToDoist TIPS

I was recently on the look out for some web (and portable) ToDo management application. I tried many, as many are free.

At some point I was even forced to re-define my own needs as I got confused. There are indeed at least two different kinds of tracking applications. Some are like iDoneThis, which is a sort of reporting tool. Some are more like Don't Forget The Milk, which seems more a pure ToDo managing …

One more for Aaron

Yes, Aaron was the co-founder of Reddit and Avaaz. Aaron edited and contributed to the RSS specifications when he was 14. But that isn't the best part. Even for people like me, who only met Aaron on the internet, he was a lot more. From Remember Aaron:

Aaron's commitment to social justice was profound, and defined his life. He was instrumental to the defeat of an Internet censorship bill; he fought for a more democratic …

Long Life to Red Hat

Sometimes a job is just a way to earn some money. Rarely it is also fun. Sometimes it is fun instead but not suiting very well your principles and culture.

But I'm a very lucky guy as I've got them all. And no it is not of Google that I'm talking about, this is better!. It's better because I've got many of the same benefits, including a thriving tech culture and a nice kitchen with …

Napoli (Silicon Dust)

From beef to vegetables

Shifting from beef to vegetables for even a single day a week would in fact be more helpful in reducing greenhouse gases than shifting the entirety of one's diet to exclusively locally produced sources. See GREEN-EGGS-AND-HAM

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