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This isn't going to be a real presentation of the aeolus project but I'm currently QAing it and I'd like to to discuss some use cases as there seems to be a lot of confusion around the cloud term these days. Firstly, what is aeolus? It is a collection of tools, you have the full listing at

Basically it allows you to automate the build of your 'template' images and distribute them across different cloud providers, both on premises and hosted. It takes care of stuff like per provider basis image customizations or per arch basis. It manages your "application deployments" rather than instances deployment as it will instantiate more than a single instance and configure them accordingly to provide the cloud user with a, say, wordpress installation distributed across two systems: a web server and a db server.

Thanks to little things like audrey it allows for the image customization not only at build time but also at deployment time and yes, you can pass any data to the scripts running on your guests at deployment time.

Stay tuned, in the meantime enjoy the demo video:

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