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Long Life to Red Hat

Sometimes a job is just a way to earn some money. Rarely it is also fun. Sometimes it is fun instead but not suiting very well your principles and culture.

But I'm a very lucky guy as I've got them all. And no it is not of Google that I'm talking about, this is better!. It's better because I've got many of the same benefits, including a thriving tech culture and a nice kitchen with free food and I've also got to work on open source and free software.

Free software! I mean free as in speech not as in beer. Software which can be reused, changed, improved, shared with and by other people and is not intended to hurt your privacy. To me that looks great, it is the living vision of the same people who brought to you (many years ago) the best-in-class OS, which also Google runs!

So, long life to Red Hat!

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