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My responsive Svbtle inspired Pelican theme

I've just pushed on github my Svbtle inspired theme for Pelican. I've called it svbhack and it is the theme that this blog uses.

As you may notice, this is not (and does not want to be) a close copy of the original Svbtle theme; I've taken some ideas from its layout and mixed those with my preferences. Also the CSS is completely rewritten.

Notable features, it provides support for google analytics and for pre blocks syntax highlight via pygments. You'll find some examples of this in my posts and more informations on how to use it in the project's README file on github.

Other notable features, you'll get proper links to the category/tag atom feeds in the respective categories/tags listing pages. It's got the archives and the static pages themed too, the css is compiled using LESS and you can easily change the color scheme by hacking a few variables in there (look at the top of the style.less file) and last but not least, it is a responsive layout so it should look nice on your tablet too.

I decided not to use any existing fluid/grid CSS framework for the simple fact that I couldn't find any which was lightweight enough. Many included UI elements, typography or javascript effects.

Hope you'll like it. Feedback and patches are very welcomed but you're also free to fork it if you like.

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